Top three blogs

First position goes to Jennifer Martin’s ‘Between the spreadsheets’:

Jennifer’s blog is well laid out, well written and includes great images to introduce each post. You can easily see Jennifer’s investment of time in her blog and her willingness to share her experiences. The blog name ‘between the spreadsheets’ is amusing and a bit edgy. The content is interesting, and Jennifer has a great sense of humour. Jennifer’s post ‘Those 4 Little Words’ had a great impact on me because it was emotional, honest and inspirational. I really would like to see Jennifer do well.


Second position goes to Billy Van Moolenbroek’s ‘You can account on me’:

Billy’s blog is like Jennifer’s in that it is well laid out and rich in content. I like Billy’s use of polls to interact with his cohort, and I have found him to be very social with everyone during the term. Billy posts are interesting and fun. I was grateful to Billy for telling me about some spelling mistakes on my blog. The mistakes were well hidden, but Billy showed his attention to detail and thoughtfulness by bringing these to my attention.


Third position goes to Nicole Song’s ‘Accounting journey for my first year study’:

Nicole gets my underdog vote. I studied the Mandarin language at the University of Queensland Institute of Modern Languages (IML) for two years. Mandarin is a hard language for English speakers to learn, and conversely English is a hard language for Mandarin speakers to learn. My Mandarin studies also involved a learning of Chinese culture, and through this, I heard of the challenges overseas students face when studying in Australia. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for me to live away from my family in a foreign country with a different language and cultures. Nicole has done an admirable job of her blog by being open, friendly and honest about her experiences. Like Jennifer and Billy, Nicole has used great images to frame her posts.

5 thoughts on “Top three blogs

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  1. Hi John, how surprise I could become your top 3 blogs. And interest things is that, I select you as my top 3 in Last week! Does not matter where people come from, similar experience, and the enthusiasm for study bring us together and let us know each other easier.

    I enjoy to read your blog as well, and I thing you a good time manager, I can feel your hard work, your eagerness to study.

    So I hope everything goes to better and better. And all the best for both of your work and study.

    Warm regards,

    Nicole Song

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