Numcrunophobia; OMG it’s hereditary

When I used to drive my eldest daughter Madeline, now 29, to high school, she would always refer to me as ‘loser’.

“Hurry up loser; I’ll be late.”

“Why are you going the long way loser?”

“Don’t park too close loser, I don’t want my friends to see you.”

I would remind Madeline that, being my daughter, she would be carrying the ‘loser’ gene herself because it is hereditary. Madeline’s lightning fast response was “no loser; the loser gene skips a generation and losers always have cool kids”. At the time it was pretty hard to disagree with her logic.

So fast forward a few years and Madeline is married to a grasshopper fearing young man, Mitch, and they have two little boys, Sebastian and Theodore (my grandsons), aka Sebby and Theo. If Madeline’s theory of genetics is correct, Sebby and Theo have the loser gene. As you can imagine, this is a distressing thought for my cool daughter.

But what other genetic flaws have I passed on to the boys? Could they have Numcrunophobia?

Sebby’s results are in!

Sebby was asked two questions designed to uncover early signs of Numcrunophobia.  The results were shocking; see for yourself.

Q1. What scares you the most?

Q2. What sound does an accountant make?

Will Theo have Numcrunophobia too?  Stay tuned Numcrunophobes!

7 thoughts on “Numcrunophobia; OMG it’s hereditary

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hilarious post! I had my almost 6 year old refuse to kiss me at school drop off this morning because his friends were watching! It made me think what it will be like in 10 years time! 😦 Though I’m cool so they must totally have the “loser” gene ;-P

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  2. Where have you been all my blogging life??? Ok so maybe I have only entered the blogging world at the commencement of this unit (which currently feels like a life time ago).
    But I’m looking forward to finding out what genes you have passed on to Sebby & Theo!
    My daughter Summer is only 3 and currently she thinks I’m the best thing EVER (yep I’m so great she even tells me this on a regular basis) So hopefully the loser gene doesn’t run in our family 😂

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    1. Hi Dani, I am led to believe the loser gene runs in every family. During one of our school run drives I posed the question “What if the loser gene doesn’t run in our family? We might all be cool kids.” Madeline looked at me and paused as she considered what I had said, then said “No, you’re definitely a loser.” 3 is an awesome age and I’m glad Summer idolises her mum. Years 14 to 19 were a real challenge with of our girls but we are so very close and I am so proud of the beautiful young women they are. Thanks for saying hello Dani!

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  3. Haha.. I’m glad to say the “loser” gene must disappear with age, because at 52 years old dad you’re certainly not a loser and your grandsons absolutely idolise the ground you walk on, as do your girls. Xx

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