Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is worth 280% more marks than assignment 1, has 167% more steps and is expected to take 195% longer to complete.  How stressed out should I be?

Step 5 – KCQ’s chapter 7 *COMING SOON*

Step 4 – Peer feedback

Due to the late submission of this assignment, I did not offer or receive any peer feedback as part of step 3.

Step 3 – Restating the financial statements

As a long time user of Excel, I was looking forward to this task. I carefully watched and rewatched Maria Tyler’s lecture series to make sure I had a good understanding of things. These lectures were informative and easy to follow. As I had hoped, the Excel component was quite easy for me, and I am grateful for that, although this task was anything but easy for me.

My biggest issue was the simplicity of Coral Products PLC’s financial statements. Looking at Maria’s breakdown of the financial statements for Wesfarmers, it was clear that my company lacked the same level of content and this led me to investigate and consider all of the Notes to the Financial Statements to satisfy myself that I was including the correct content in my restated financial statements.

My restated financial statements seem to be correct to me. Everything that should balance does so. I am unsure, however, if I have dealt with the lack of information correctly. I look forward to receiving the marker’s feedback.

Undertaking this task has helped me understand my company more. Coral Products’ financial statements show that it has taken several years for it to emerge from the declining media products market to its current more diversified position. Results from 2016 show considerable improvement, and it will be interesting to review their 2017 annual report as it becomes available.

Review my step 2 submission *COMING SOON*


Review my step 1 submission

Peer feedback sheets:

Step 4

Step 10

How the journey began:

Assignment 1

Coral Products PLC

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